A Poem – How Life Works?


This is my first attempt at poetry.

Slowly, we venture into the unknown,
Oh, what lies ahead we know not,
Some walk in company, some alone,
But we naively tread through life’s plot!

Scripted by the almighty or it is we who script,
Is something we spend our lives finding,
One way to the answer is having life flipped, 
Good or bad, oh, again, is whose binding?

So live life, live in the present,
And leave the worries for later,
But simultaneously, plan for your future ascent,
The worries, dear friend, would then be your hater!

Live life, live to the fullest in the ‘now’,
Yet simultaneously plan for the ‘then’,
Be fierce, that fate itself ask you: “But how?”
Go ahead, live it up, mighty men and women!


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