Dream World Experience – Was I Lucid Dreaming?


“The average amount sleep required by each person is always five minutes more, isn’t it?”

This blog post is about an experience of what certainly seems like a Lucid Dream.

Layout of this post will be as follows:

  1. What is a Lucid Dream?
  2. Necessary Characteristics to be a classified as a Lucid Dream
  3. My Personal Experience – Lucid Dream

What Is A Lucid Dream?

Lucid Dream literally means a dream which is lucid, that is, very clear to the dreamer.

It is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. They know for sure that they are not in reality.

Necessary Characteristics To Be A Classified As A Lucid Dream

Paul Tholey, a German oneirologist proposed seven different conditions of clarity that a dream must fulfill to be defined a lucid dream:
1. Awareness of the dream state
2. Awareness of the capacity to make decisions
3. Awareness of memory functions
4. Awareness of self
5. Awareness of the dream environment
6. Awareness of the meaning of the dream
7. Awareness of concentration and focus (the subjective clarity of that state)

Deirdre Barrett examined whether lucid dreams contained four “corollaries” of lucidity:
1. The dreamer is aware that they are dreaming
2. Objects disappear after waking
3. Physical laws need not apply in the dream
4. The dreamer has a clear memory of the waking world

My dream exhibited all four corollaries mentioned above. 

My Personal Experience – Lucid Dream

Disclaimer: I do not recommend any of whatever I am writing down. It was purely a personal experience. Moreover, the dream is quite without logic. I still have not deciphered the exact meaning and purpose for which I got this dream.

Just before sleeping, I had a conversation with my cousin over text, asking him if he had experienced a lucid dream. He said he had, and that intrigued me further.

I looked up Lucid Dreaming on YouTube and clicked on one of the videos with the most hits – a video of only music in the background meant to stimulate rapid eye movement phase of sleep (REM), which is when we get dreams.

And then I went into the dream state. As soon as I woke up, I texted back my cousin about the whole experience documented just in case I forget it.

The snapshots below reveal the same, meaning I had recollected the dream as it is and clearing any doubts that this may be a made up story – it is fine to doubt that way because the story is absurd and baseless really!

I ask him what is to like to Lucid Dream…
I reply 4 hours later, possibly having experienced one myself!

The Dream Experience

There may be many experienced lucid dreamers who not only controlled themselves but their surroundings too, like moving mountains, creating worlds, etc. But I think this is a start, at least a dream where I controlled myself almost fully!

I will add in brackets (controlled) meaning I actually had full control of my actions in that part of the dream AND I wanted to do whatever I was doing.

So, let me get started already…

My cousin and I were solving a couple of Math problems given by my Dad. The scene is back at home, some years back when I was in school. (My Dad had the habit of teaching both of us, so understandable where this memory came from)

We couldn’t find the answer, but when my Dad explains it, the image somehow modifies into a real life football pitch. And I see it from the sidelines. But, I am slowly floating down from the sidelines (controlled). I felt myself floating down and WANTING to float down, my mind yearned for it (controlled). So as I float down, I observe the football being played forward and forward to my right to the left winger. I slowly turn my head and watch the winger swing in a low cross as I further float down. The striker runs to towards the goal where the ball is crossed onto he volleys it home for a goal! And somehow my dream says: That is the answer to the Maths problems asked by my Dad.

This is when I land onto the football pitch. I felt it. I felt keeping my feet on the grass (controlled). Then I walk around the football pitch (controlled) and shake hands (controlled) post the game with who happens to be German footballer Michael Ballack (I have no clue where he came from). I consciously check (controlled) if I am as tall as he is. I remember from FIFA, he is exactly 6 feet tall. I notice I am a couple of inches short (controlled).

He then asks me: “Hitting the gym, are you? “

I said “Now and then, yes”, and then I moved across to feel his biceps (controlled), which were rock hard (controlled) and asked him the same. 

Scene ends and fast forwards to school to my 12th grade class.

So it was a normal day at school.

We were discussing about the football match I just described earlier (controlled). The power goes off intermittently. Initially, all is well. But later, for some reason, there is a massive power outage. Then, we are all shifted to different classrooms. My lunchbox, which had Rava Idly and Sambhar and Tomato Chutney (which are Indian dishes) was also transported by me (controlled) as it were since I had just opened my lunch at that time. We carry all our stuff (controlled), including my Rava Idly lunch which was getting dried up. We settle into our new classrooms amidst the massive power outage (at this point, my reality bedroom had a power cut, I could feel the absence of the wind from the fan and the presence of a mosquito around my ear. I was aware that I was in a dream all along even before this), and everything is very tense in the entire school for some reason. The principal starts pacing about all the classrooms. She then comes into ours. The class gets all tensed up. She yells at us to stay silent. Then the topic of the power cut comes up. I asked her (controlled) (I remember vividly that I ventured forward, physically, and came up with this thought then and there), “Ma’am, what is causing this power outage?”

She explains, “There are three types, power cut, power outage and power breakdown. What we are facing is power outage. If we face a power breakdown, that would be the end of power ever. That is the worst that can happen.” 

So then she walks away. The class we are in now was where my 11th grade classes were seated in the year before I was in 12th grade.

And then, people start opening their lunches to have lunch.

I went back to the centre of the class (controlled), the centre row which had my lunch on one of the chairs. I noticed (controlled) the chutney was missing along with 2 of the earlier 6 Rava Idlies (I thought someone must have eaten it).

But a class was about to start here, so I move (controlled) to an adjacent room to have lunch. The room is empty, except for a worker sweeping the floor. I move to the right (controlled) of the class and I start finishing up (controlled) my lunch. She then leaves the place and I close the door and somehow, a washroom it becomes as I latch on the lock. By this time, apparently, it was getting late for the next class in this same room.

Wait, that can’t be right, since it just became a washroom, can it? Well as I was using the washbasin to clean my lunchbox, there came huge bangs on the door. Loud, very loud bangs. I was a bit too casual and consumed a lot of time for comfort, that, as it appeared, a colleague of mine (yes, colleague comes into the school picture, no idea), had a means of opening the door via a key and it opens up. I move out of the room (controlled) with my lunchbox to find the teacher of the class furious. The class she wanted to teach in the room that had just converted to a washroom and back to a classroom is by late by 6 minutes. She showed her watch. It was a digital, revealing 10:36am. Now, that can’t be right either since I just was experiencing lunch break. Never mind anyway. So after some furious rants for me causing the delay in the presence of the principal, she gives in.

But it was my turn to get furious. I yell at her (controlled) saying she wasted some time of mine now by this pointless argument that I lost out on precious, possible, post-lunch sleep which is extremely important for me, I stress to her, due to my rotational shifts at work. I then manually push her in anger (controlled) ahead of me and push her back into the staff room whence she came.

I come back to our classroom (controlled), where a lot of my classmates and my colleagues (no idea how they got acquainted) were seated, watching a cricket match. I lay down too, by the stairs to join them. Then, I open up my text messages to read texts. I remember vividly it had been at least an hour in the dream world that I had not used my phone for. I found a recent one from a friend which read “Chuck him. He is a retard.”

This text is looked on by my colleague seated next to me and he motions to the cricket match. I sit cross-legged on the floor and look around (controlled) to see a big crowd of my school and work friends watching the cricket match on television which is placed by the stairs (this magically appeared for this scene) It was commercial time. And there was a pedicure/manicure being performed in a room with yellow lighting and a poster bed at its centre. 

And that is how this mosquito gets into my ear and wakes me up to a second real power cut in my bed room!

After realizing this, I typed this down in 40 minutes as soon as I woke up to a real power cut, and lest I forget the dream. I remember wanting to move in certain ways and wanting to speak certain things and that is how it all happened. I remember controlling myself and my voice and thoughts.

So, was this a Lucid Dream? You be the judge. 

Coming up next… Sleep Paralysis Or Was I Possessed? Another personal experience… But this time, a personal horror experience. 



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