Campfire, Waterfalls & Beaches – A Weekend In Dandeli & Gokarna (Part 2)

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy

This is a continuation of the previous post: Forests, Rocks & River Rafting – A Weekend In Dandeli & Gokarna (Part 1).


As always, let me provide the structure of the post that I will follow so that it will facilitate comfortable reading.

  1. Campfire Night
  2. The Next Morning
  3. Journey To Sathodi Waterfalls
  4. Sathodi Waterfalls
  5. Journey To Gokarna Beach
  6. Gokarna Beach
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Summing Up

Now I know there are 2 kinds of readers interested in this post.

(1) People who want only photographs
(2) People who want photographs with the whole story of the travelogue

This post caters to both categories (1) and (2).

Category (1) can glance through all the photographs only following below.

Category (2) can read the story of the travel/descriptions that follow the photographs.

Let me start right away with point (1).

Campfire Night

After the river rafting, we relaxed a bit by the hammocks and had some tea.

The tea at the resort was simply delicious!

Evening View.jpg
The Pathway That Leads To Our Tents – Yes, You Can See The Tent At The End
Darkness Is But The Absence Of Light – The Resort At Night
Campfire Spot – Just Away From The Tents

The campfire was arranged by the resort themselves. Usually, it would be a common  campfire for all the groups  but smart-talking should get you a personal campfire just for your group.

The resort has a jukebox with which they play their soundtrack. But preferably get your own sound system to play.

Welcome To The Campfire – Where Friends And Marshmallows Get Toasted Together
The Fire Is The Main Comfort Of The Camp – Be It Summer Or Winter

Now I may have added the quote in the above snap as a caption, but it actually was pretty hot, the campfire – almost borderline uncomfortable actually so we distanced ourselves from it a bit.

A small table was laid out for food and beverages.

Campfire. Music. Forest Night. Food & Beverages. Friends. Stories.

Old memories were relived and new ones created.

The Next Morning

The campfire night started around 8pm and went on up to 12am.

Here is an interesting snippet from the night.

At around 2am in the night, all power went off in the resort.

The result? Pitch dark and pitch black surroundings. I came out the tent to have a look – a look at what? You could not see a single thing either on the ground, in front of you or above you in the sky – the mist had covered the starlight as well. If you turned on a flashlight, you would become the only source of light in what would be a 1 kilometre radius. It felt so surreal, like they show in the movies.

The morning started pretty early for a Sunday – everyone was up by 8am.

Light fog covered the resort and the forest nearby.

A Watchful Protector Above Our Tent
Road Outside The Resort First Thing In The Morning
Backside Of Our Rooms & Tents

We were up and running by 10am when we had checked out from the resort and had left for Sathodi Waterfalls. Review of the resort is provided at the end of this piece.

Journey To Sathodi Waterfalls

“The journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

This is more or less true in this case, where we passed through picturesque forests which supplied such pristine views of mother nature as we laid down on her lap.

There is a line in the Hindi song Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which says:

“Safar, safar khubsurat hai manzil se bhi.”

Which translates as “The journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

Now this song was played a couple of times through the journey, and I can’t tell you how apt and suited it was for such a journey.

Let the captures below narrate their own story.

The Early Grower Or The Last Survivor?
Kali Tiger Reserve Safari – To The Right

We crossed the Kali Tiger Reserve, a famous tiger reserve in Karnataka. But we didn’t stop by it, unfortunately owing to lack of time – maybe some other time.

Definitely Not An Early Grower, Definitely The Last Survivor
The uniform pattern of blue colour makes me think this as a school. If it is, the students are the luckiest!
A Forest House, A Bicycle And A Satellite TV Dish Are What I can Find – Can You Spot Anything Else?
Naturally Formed Rocks Or Eroded Hillock From Ages Ago?
Forest House!.jpg
Forest House No. 2?
Ashes From A Forest Fire? Not Exactly. These Are Manually Burnt Weeds.
Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman. Behind Every Fully Grown Tree Is Pure Water. Here, quite literally behind.
“If Winter Is Here, Can Spring Be Far Behind?” – Percy Bysshe Shelley
Water – The One Thing Around Which Habitats, Civilisations And Worlds Develop!
Water, Water – The Real Elixir Of Life!
“I Took The Road Less Traveled, And That Has Made All The Difference.” – Robert Frost

“The journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

“Safar, safar khubsurat hai manzil se bhi.”

Even The Trees Look Up To The Sky. And Who Knows, They Might Pray Too!
Up The Hills As We Ride, Such A View Seldom Does Hide!
Mandatory Sun Picture – View Of Sun From The Hills At Noon
As The Road Ahead Narrows And Meanders, It Signals We Are Reaching The Waterfalls

At this point, we could hear (although very little) the waterfalls in the distance somewhere.

The journey is more beautiful than the destination.”

“Safar, safar khubsurat hai manzil se bhi.”

No, not really. At this point, I was thinking the opposite.

The destination was certainly going to be more beautiful. My thoughts were confirmed right when we saw the view below.

Good Afternoon, Dear World – The Kali River

Water, water is here. The waterfall has to be near!

Now, for an astonishing comparison.

Remember the river rafting that I described in my previous post?

That very same Kali River in which we did our rafting in Dandeli extends till here.

Kali River flows through Dandeli, Ganeshgudi, Balagar (where Sathodi Falls is located) and to Karwar until it meets the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India. That is a whopping 150 km in length!

In fact, all the way through our hours and hours of travel, this river and its tributaries were along our course. Such vastness!

We Reached The Entrance To The Waterfalls. You May Want To Change Your Clothes In The Facility Provided, You Don’t Want To Miss Playing In The Falls

Sathodi Waterfalls

Into the unknown…
Hillock To The Side Of The Waterfall
Just Another View Of A Hillock, Couldn’t Resist!
We Can See Water, Water, Flowing Water. We Can Hear Water, Water, Flowing Water. We Can Smell Water, Water, Fresh Water. Almost There!
In The Distance!

Now henceforth, I will share captures of the path that reaches ultimately to a close-up view of the falls.

A Rocky Road Ahead To Maneouvre
The Path Is Full Of Large, Moss-Filled Slippery Rocks. I Fell Since I Wore Slippers – Bad Mistake.
Rocks, Rocks, Everywhere You See
This Was Difficult To Pass – In The Centre Is Where I Slipped
Rainbow Caught At Ground Level
Careful, There
Yes, We Came From That Side
Finally, Just Little Further
The View Up Front
A View From The Right Side
Further Close Up
Water Slapping The Rocks Below
Into The Falls!

All in all, a truly once in a lifetime experience!

You feel like you are in a dream, yet you have the control of it.

The rocks are actually not easy to maneuver alone – stay in a group to help each other out and at all costs, do not wear shoes/slippers because there will be too much moss around.

Also, the pathway to the Waterfalls may be dotted with little snakes – we just had a brief encounter with one but it was quite away from us. Be watchful.

The Sun Was About To Set As We Departed From The Waterfalls Around 5pm To Gokarna

Journey To Gokarna Beach

This was one of the best journeys of the trip, due to three reasons:

  1. Road – The road was narrow and deserted for the most part giving the feel that the road was all ours.
  2. Time – We left around sunset for Gokarna. The twilight of the evening and the darkness of the night that followed accentuated the reflectors on the road thus giving it a surreal feel.
  3. Music – This is obvious, isn’t it?

For distances, time spent and budgets, take a look at my previous post:

There Is Something Hauntingly Alluring About Blurred Captures At High Speed Along A Narrow Road
Wing Of An Aeroplane? Not Really. Check The Capture Below.
These Are Wind Turbine Blades Each Longer Than 100 Feet Carried By Specially Made Trucks. These Are Commonplace On The Highway Since The Western Coast Of India Is Quite Windy And Hence Their Transportation Around The Area.
Sun Sets Along The Western Coast Of India
Evening Transits To Night
Dawn Becomes Day. Day Becomes Noon. Noon Becomes Dusk. And Then, Dusk Became Night.
Night. Reflectors. Not A Single Soul In Sight. Music – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, The Hindi Number. Combined Effect Is Bliss.
The Road Gently Curves To The Left
High Beam Oncoming

Gokarna Beach

We reached Gokarna Beach by 9pm in the night. It was a 4 hour journey from Sathodi Waterfalls.

Ours was the last group that entered the beach. It wore a deserted look.

And that was the best part. You felt at one with the beach. No crowd, no hassles, nothing to stop you.

The captures below do not reveal the beach in all its beauty due to lack of light at night, but it sure does give one an impression how splendid it would be like under light.

The Beach At Night
Seashore At Night. Notice The Lights In The Long Distance? Those Are Of Houses On Top Of A Small Hill
Huts Of The Fisherfolk Probably!
Sea Lashes The Shore
She Sells Seashells On The Seashore – Remember The Tongue Twister?
Moonlight At Night Over The Beach

Miscellaneous Captures

Anthill At The Resort
Uhm, What’s Up Doc?
Wild Wasp At Syntheri Rocks
Burned Leaves
View From A Hammock
Well, This Would Be Scary At Night
Darkness Is But The Absence Of Light

Summing Up

The Resort: Flycatcher Resort is good value for money. Tents and rooms were spacious, the washrooms were clean and the food was hygienic. Only trouble we faced was the frequent stoppage of water which proved to be a hindrance. Overall, one could give it 4/5.

Dandeli & Gokarna: A real experience of a lifetime, this trip was. Going in a large bunch of friends for a 3 day, 2 night stay would be the ideal trip. Get a good hired van/car and a well-versed driver, this was key for us!

I am working on the videos part. I would share it here soon.

If interested, do go through my other travelogues:

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  3. A Day Back In Time – World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram

Coming soon: A Visit To Doddabetta – South India’s Tallest Peak, Ooty

I am signing off for now, as always, with a quote. Ciao!

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber





































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